Comment from participant in the Hope, Healing and Growth workshop:

“The course gave me things to think about and new ways. I try not to dwell on the sad moments. I love hearing others’ stories on how they deal with their emotions, feelings and grief. I feel I have learned in a way that I may be able to help others. Thank you for letting everyone take the time they needed to talk and for being as compassionate and understanding of each individual situation.”

Comment from a grief counseling client:

“How does Stillwaters fit into my life? My husband, Mike, died two years ago after a year of living with a cancer diagnosis. We have four beautiful children, now ages 12, 10, 7 and 3 and as my counselor (Carrie) put it… I’m trying to find/make a new “normal” for my family and me. As Mike’s spouse, I began seeing Carrie after a few months of his diagnosis.  I don’t even remember how we got connected with Stillwaters, but here I am, so thankful that we did.

How can I put into words how this organization has helped me over the last two and a half years? I never thought about the name “Stillwaters,” but that’s it… still waters… calming, peaceful, constant, beautiful, comfort in the face of the turbulent, damaging, sometimes seemingly ceaseless waves from a storm brought on by a terrible disease. I am thankful for these comforting feelings…
Peaceful… a little weight lifted after counseling sessions
Calming… it will be okay
Constant… help is here
Beautiful… life was, can, and will be good

So through the turbulent times of living with my husband’s terminal cancer, death, and now carrying on, I am thankful for the calm that Stillwaters counseling has and continues to bring
into my life.” — Molly M.