Comments from a caregivers and family members:

“I am thankful for Stillwaters because it has let me know I am not alone. There are few things in life as painful as watching someone you love suffer. For spouses of cancer patients, diagnosis and treatment can be a lonely, exhausting journey. No matter how great the people around you are — I’m surrounded by terrific family, friends and co-workers — they cannot know the anguish that you feel most days. Stillwaters understands. The organization has always been there to pick me up when I have been down.  I’m not sure what I would do without it.”

“My counselor helped me realize it’s ok to ask for help as a caregiver. So helpful that we met at Elmbrook Cancer Center. I was not aware that this help was available for me. I thought only the cancer patient would get help. Didn’t change the diagnosis, but gave me a new perspective.”

“I was a mess when I first met my counselor; my life was spinning out of control. She gave me coping skills and made suggestions how to better manage my life stress and work stress. It has almost been one year since my husband’s diagnosis of cancer. Because of my counseling, I am able to return to work in July with confidence, coping skills and the knowledge that my experience has changed my life forever.”