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Whether you’re newly diagnosed, in treatment, a survivor or a family member, Stillwaters Cancer Support Services professional counselors provide a compassionate, safe space to express emotions and help you cope.


Michele Eimon

Michele Eimon, MS, NCC                                                 

After 20-plus years in marketing, Michele felt called in a new direction, and now feels quite at home in the counseling field. As a nationally certified counselor, she provides social and emotional nourishment to individuals and families struggling with a cancer diagnosis, or grief due to cancer. Michele also facilitates a monthly grief support group, and provides support at Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital’s Regional Cancer Center. She shares, “Frank McCourt, author ofAngela’s Ashes, wrote, ‘everyone has a story, something that will insist on being told – but you have to give it a chance to come out.'” The stress of a cancer diagnosis can create even more urgency to share your story, to be heard, to express what’s inside. She appreciates the deep challenges and joys of being human, and wants to hear your story.


Angela Hansen, MS, LPCwidth="120"
Angela is a licensed professionalcounselor with over 5 years experience working with adults and children in a healthcare setting. Angela believes an essential part of connecting with clients is to provide a safe place for them share their thoughts and feelings. She does this by approaching each individual with respect and compassion.



Amy Johnson, CAPSW   

AmyAmy is a certified advanced practice social worker, (CAPSW). Amy has provided services to the elderly, disabled and mentally ill. She has experience in providing counseling in a variety of settings such as, inpatient, outpatient and residential. Amy provides support at Waukesha Memorial Hospitals Regional Cancer Center. As a cancer survivor herself she is personally aware of the feelings of uncertainty, the fear of the unknown, and coping with change. Amy creates a safe environment for individuals, couples and families that have been touched by cancer. Amy believes a cancer diagnosis can transform meaning and perspective in one’s life. Amy’s counseling style is relaxed and reflective and she seeks to create and encourage an atmosphere of trust and rapport. “It is okay to be scared, it is normal to have fear, but by talking to others you will not be alone in this journey, called cancer.”

Larry Uglow, MS, LPC
Larry has served as a bereavement sounselor for the Infant Death Center of Wisconsin and the Hospice Alliance. He was a psychotherapist for Wisconsin Community Mental Health Counseling Centers and most recently served as a school counselor for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. For more than 20 years Larry has volunteered as a counselor and consultant as Camp Hope, a grief camp for children in Rosholt, Wisconsin. Larry provides support to individuals, couples and families as well as facilitates support groups.


Ann Marie Uselman, LCSW  
Ann Marie 2Ann Marie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 15 years of experience working with high risk, medically complicated patients. She has worked in a variety of medical and non-profit settings over the course of her career. In addition to helping patients navigate the complexities of a new or recurrent cancer diagnosis, Ann Marie assists family and friends in coping with the emotional impact of serious illness. Ann Marie also has extensive experience working with people grieving the loss of a loved one through both individual and group counseling. With her education and experience, Ann Marie’s goal is to empower each person she encounters to integrate their experience as cancer patient and survivor to live life more fully and inspire others to follow their example.